Dr Thomas Naderer_MU23544
Lab Head
+61 3 9902 9517

Thomas is an ARC Future Fellow at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Monash University. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University Vienna, Austria, and a Masters at the University of Nottingham, UK, before embarking on a PhD in molecular parasitology at the University of Melbourne (graduating in 2004). This led to a keen interest in identifying the mechanism that enables parasites to grow within macrophages. During his post-doctoral years at the University of Melbourne (Bio21 Institute), he uncovered complex metabolic interactions between macrophages and parasites and that these can be therapeutically targeted to prevent infectious diseases. He then joined the NHMRC Program on Cellular Microbiology headed by Prof Trevor Lithgow, Monash University, to expand his research into bacterial pathogens. In 2012, he established the macrophage-pathogen interaction group to establish a new team working in bacterial, fungal and parasitic diseases. He recruited talented students and research scientists, and established national and international collaborations that have now lead to ground-breaking discoveries in the treatment of infectious diseases. Besides building new collaborations and projects, he also enjoys building houses.

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_MU23560Dr Seong Hoong Chow
+61 3 99024644

Seong finished his Bachelor of Science at Monash University Malaysia (2010) and worked as a research assistant at Taylor’s University (2011), focusing on the role of Legionella effectors in infected cells. In 2013, he joined Naderer lab as a PhD student, working on how golden staph uses pore-forming toxins to kill macrophages, and how these processes cause disease. After completing his PhD studies in 2016, Seong continued his work in the same lab, trying to uncover novel host cell death signaling pathways activated by these toxins in human induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (hiPSCs)-derived immune cells.

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Yusun Jeon 4913s

Yusun Jeon
PhD Student
+61 3 99029198

Yusun has joined the lab at the beginning of 2018 and her project is focused on understanding how Staphylococcus aureus kills macrophages.


Dr Pankaj Deo_MU23567
+61 3 99024844

Pankaj completed his undergraduate studies in Medical Laboratory Science (2004) at Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University, Nepal and worked as a clinical laboratory scientist in different tertiary care hospitals for few years. Pankaj then moved to China to pursue a Masters in Clinical Laboratory Science under full Chinese government scholarship at Tongji Medical college, HUST, Wuhan, China. Finally, his aspirations to work at the frontiers of scientific research lead him to join the Naderer lab as a PhD student at Monash University, Australia. He applies several imaging techniques to answer fundamental questions in host-pathogen interactions during his PhD studies. He has developed keen interests in analysing these interactions using live-cell imaging, confocal, electron and super-resolution microscopy. Pankaj is currently a Microscopist in the same lab, focusing on understanding how Neisseria gonorrhoeae interacts with macrophage using advanced imaging techniques. Specifically, he is elucidating the role of outer membrane vesicles secreted by these super-bugs in immune evasion.

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Subhash DhitalSubhash Dhital 4909s.jpg
PhD Student
+61 3 99029198

Subhash has joined the team in 2018 and his project is focused on how secreted vesicles from bacterial pathogens affect macrophage function.


Gilu Abraham_MU23591
Research Assistant
+61 3 99029198

Gilu holds a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology at the University of Mangalore, India and a Masters in Biotechnology from Bharathiar University, India. After completing her studies, she worked as a research assistant in the laboratory of Kuwait University to establish new cellular models for studying the endocrine resistance in breast cancer, and genotyping of Kuwaiti Males for alleles of the ABO blood group. In 2008, she commenced her work at Monash University, predominantly characterising the structural and functional role of Plasmodium falciparum Kinases. She then joined the Naderer Lab as research assistant in 2012, focusing on the role of microbiota and metabolite sensing proteins in Legionella lung infections. With her experience and diverse laboratory skill set, she has assisted many students and contributed to various projects in Naderer lab. Besides research, she enjoys travelling & gardening.

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Maria (Cecilia) Fulcher (PhD candidate)

Dr Alex Fulcher (MMI)

Dr Mei-Ling Gao (Visiting scientist)

Dr Azadeh Seidi (Post-doc)

Dr Adam Vogrin (Post-doc)

Dr Mary Speir (PhD Student)